Auroraprint - hot foil printing.

Hot foil printed stationery (from one of the strangest years!)  - 2020.

It's been a quiet year for most people, but thanks to some hard working businesses we've still managed to keep the foil printing work going throughout 2020, and we offer our thanks to each and every one.


Bright gold business cards

Bright red a yellow-gold foil printed business cards

540gsm bright red colorplan business cards, hot foil stamped with a bright yellow-gold foil.......

Bright gold business cards

Bright red colorplan business cards with bright yellow-gold foil

printed for new fashion business 'By al Chemist' launching soon.

Duplexed business cards

Duplexed colorplan business cards with a variety of foil colours

Duplexed business cards printed with a combination of white foil and iridescent silver/gold, satin green, satin blue and burnt copper.

Foil printed stickers.

Die cut stickers with iridescent gold and silver foils.

Round die cut colorplan stickers, hot foil printed using iridescent gold and silver.
Printed on ebony and white frost.

Satin gold business cards

Antique satin gold business cards - hot foil printed on vellum colorplan.

Antique satin gold business cards, printed using 700gsm vellum white colorplan card.

Gold foil business cards

Gold foil and black print on duplexed 640gsm favini burano stock.

Duplexed 640gsm favini burano stock, printed with black background design and satin gold hot foil.

Satin copper swing tags

Satin copper foil printed swing tags, using 540gsm natural colorplan card.

Small swing tags with 3mm hole, hot foil printed using a satin copper on natural colorplan.

Copper foiled swing tags

Swing tags hot foil printed with satin copper on white frost colorplan.

350gsm white frost colorplan swing tags, hot foil printed with satin copper foil.

Colour & foil business cards

540gsm pristine white colorplan business cards, printed with colour print, black foil and gold foil.

Colour printed and foiled using gloss black and satin gold on a 540gsm pristine white card.

Gold & black business cards

Gold and black business cards - printed using metallic gold and satin black.

540gsm ebony colorplan business cards, hot foil printed using metallic gold (reverse side printed in gold and satin black foils).

Antique gold business cards

Antique gold foil printed business cards, on pristine white 540gsm colorplan

Antique gold foil business cards, printed using 540gsm pristine white colorplan card.

Rose gold business cards

Rose gold foil printed business cards

540gsm vellum white colorplan, hot foil printed with rose gold and gloss black foils.

White foil business cards

White foil printed business cards on 540gsm real grey.

Gloss white, hot foil printed on real grey colorplan.

Gold foil moving cards

Satin gold foil on conqueror connoisseur cotton stock.

600gsm duplexed 100% cotton conqueror connoisseur, hot foil printed with a satin gold foil.

Gold foil moving cards

Satin gold foil printed moving cards.

Gold foil moving cards, printed with a satin gold foil and colour print on 100% cotton stock.

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Stationery sets • Personalised stationery • Gift sets • Debossing • Embossing

If you're uncertain about the suitability of your design for any of the above processes please get in touch.

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