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Environmentally Friendly Business Cards and Stationery.

Environmentally Friendly (Eco-Friendly) - Business Cards and Stationery: stock types and foil print.

Nearly all the business cards and stationery items we produce these days are printed on environmentally friendly materials, either using recycled card or card produced from FSC® certified materials.

Many card manufacturers are now offering 100% recycled card, or card that is FSC® certified, meaning that your business cards don't need to be harmful to the environment, either in their production or after they've fulfilled their purpose.

Some of the environmentally friendly stocks we offer:

Colorset - Available in 27 colours, this colourful range of card is 100% recycled.

Keaykolour - FSC® credited stock made using materials that are responsibly sourced and comes in 14 colours.

Cairn Board - This rough textured stock is 100% recycled and available in 21 shades and weights ranging from 500 micron to 2000 micron.

Colorplan - FSC® certified paper and card available in a range of 50 colours and 8 different weights (also ECF).

Favini Burano - This double sided smooth stock is FSC® credited and available in 9 colours and 2 weights.

Favini Crush - An eco-friendly range of papers by Favini, made by replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with the process residues of organic products. Crush paper includes by-products from citrus fruits, cocoa, grapes, cherries, lavender, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts and almonds. These natural raw materials are saved from landfill and used to make these distinctive and vivid papers.

Vanguard - Available in 32 smooth uncoated colours, this stock is another FSC® credited stock.

Pop'set - A range of 13 colours are available in this FSC® credited stock.

Sirio - FSC® credited and ECF, this is a semi-smooth double sided stock, available in 20+ shades and various weights.

All of the above stocks are recyclable, even with foil print on them.


Foil recyclability (the following information is from Foilco, one of our main foil suppliers):

Foil stamping is eco-friendly and you should have no concerns about any negative long-term effects that your printed materials will have on the environment.

Foil stamping is a totally dry, solvent free process.
Paper & board that has been foil stamped can be recycled.
Foil has no visible effects in slowing down the rate of biodegradation of the paper & board.
Foil also does not affect the re-pulpability of the paper substrate.

FSC® certified paper is paper that has been harvested in a responsible manner - these materials are often made using recycled paper, but the primary requirement is that they are produced in a responsible manner.

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