Auroraprint - hot foil printing.

Foil Printed, Debossed & Blind Debossed Envelopes.

We can supply and print envelopes for all your requirements, from matching your business stationery to complimenting your wedding invitations. Just let us know what colour and size you need and we'll do our best to find an envelpe to suit.

There are no minimum order quantities for foil printed or debossed/blind debossed envelopes.

Gold Foil Printed Black DL Size Envelopes

Gold foil print on black DL sized envelope

Metallic bright gold foil printed on black DL sized envelopes.

Gold Foil on Ebony C7 Colorplan Envelopes

Gold foil print on a C7 ebony colorplan envelope

Satin gold foil printed on front and rear of these C7 colorplan envelopes.

Gold Foil on Forest Colorplan Envelopes

Gold foil on C6 Forest Colorplan envelopes

Metallic bright gold foil printed on C6 forest green colorplan envelopes.

Copper Foil Printed on C7 Die Cut (unglued) Envelopes

Copper foil printed C7 ebony colorplan custome made envelopes

Bright copper foil printed on ebony colorplan C7 die cut 175gsm envelopes.

The Colorplan envelopes we use are all made from high quality 135gsm stock (other weights can be purchased) and are available in all the usual Colorplan colours, these can all be foil printed or blind debossed to 1 or both sides.

Other types of envelopes are generally available at 100gsm or 120gsm.

Sizes available: C5, C6 , C7 or DL (*bespoke sizes possible).

Most envelopes can be foil printed, debossed or blind debossed, but please get in touch for more details.

*Some sizes are subject to a minimum order quantity.

Gold Foil Printed C7 Colorplan Envelopes

C7 colorplan envelopes with gold foil print

Ebony colorplan C7 envelopes created with no glue on the closing flap.

C6 Blind Debossed Colorplan Envelopes

Blind debossed Natural Colorplan C6 envelopes

Blind debossed C6 natural colorplan envelopes, printed as part of a wedding stationery set.

Gold Foil Printed C6 Colorplan Envelopes

Gold foil printed on a C6 ebony colorplan envelope

Gold foil printed C6 ebony colorplan envelopes, printed on the front and rear.

Rose Gold Foil on C5 Colorplan Envelopes

Rose gold foil prined on a C5 ebony colorplan envelope

Rose gold foil printed on ebony C5 colorplan envelopes.

All our envelopes are printed to the highest standard using the best materials.

We buy in all our envelopes as required and can source many different types, sizes and colours to suit your requirements.

You can also supply your own envelopes for foil printing or blind debossing.

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