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Metallic Gold Foil Printing.

We specialise in gold foil printed business cards and have more than 15 years foil printing experience. So, we're ideally suited to helping you design and print the best business cards and stationery possible.

All our gold foil printed business cards are produced using the best materials available, this includes: using the best foils to produce the highest quality print and offering an excellent choice of card, including: 100% recycled, smooth, textured, uncoated, coated, extra thick and thin stock types - we have access to an excellent range of colours and paper brands.

Find out more about the range of cards and papers we can supply by clicking here: Choose your paper type.

We can also offer expert guidance with your gold foil business card designs - either updating an old design or creating a brand new design - to help you get the design that will work best for your printed material.

For more advice on designing your stationery, or any other requirements, please get in touch.

Using gold foil print is an excellent way of brightening up your business cards, and is guaranteed to create a lasting memory on your potential clients and customers.

Brown and gold embossed business cards

Gold foil business cards - Bitter chocolate colorplan business cards with gravure embossing and gold foil printed text.

Gold foil business cards with the logo printed using a clear gloss foil and the contact details printed using a dark satin gold foil.
The card stock is 540gsm bitter chocolate colorplan with a 'gravure' embossing.

The use of an embossed card adds an element of the bespoke to these lovely business cards.
The embossing can be applied to 1 or both sides and there are various other embossed design styles to choose from.

Black and gold embossed business cards

Gold foil business cards - Metallic gold foil business cards printed on 700gsm ebony colorplan.

700gsm ebony/black colorplan hot foil printed/stamped with a dark metallic gold foil for logo and contact details.

The use of a thicker than average stock type can really show off your design, but it also allows for a deeper impression on the foil stamping, which in turn gives a more luxurious feel to your business cards.

Vellum and gold embossed business cards

Gold foil business cards - Vellum colorplan business cards with gloss black text and gold foil logo.

Gold foil embossed logo and gloss black foil printed contact details on 540gsm vellum colorplan.

Choosing the correct colour combination for your business cards (along with a good design) can really show off your style and how much thought you put into your business.

Printed for Marine Edith Crosta.

Heavy board business cards

Gold foil business cards - Grey board business cards printed with dark grey and metallic gold foils.

1200 micron grey elephant board with metallic gold foil embossed logo and grey foil printed contact details.

Sometimes you really want a business card that tells your clients you mean business and that's why we're happy to work with different or unusual materials in order to find the perfect cards for you.

Gold embossed cobalt blue business cards

Gold foil business cards - Close up photo of satin gold foil on a cobalt blue business card.

Satin gold foil stamped on to cobalt blue colorplan business cards - this close up image of this business card really shows the beautiful print finish.

Duplexed gold foil embossed business cards

Gold foil printed business cards on a duplexed imperial blue and grey stock.

Gold foil and white foil printing/stamping on this duplexed business card - made from 540gsm imperial blue and 175gsm smoke colorplan stocks.

Gold embossed black business cards

Gold foil business cards - Metallic gold foil business cards on ebony colorplan.

Metallic gold foil stamped on a matt black business card - bright metallic gold foil printed/stamped onto 540gsm ebony colorplan card.

Black and gold embossed business cards

Gold foil printed text and logo on ebony colorplan business cards.

Metallic gold foil on a matt black business card - bright metallic gold foil printing/stamping on 540gsm ebony colorplan card.

There's a great selection of metallic gold foils available, ranging from light gold to dark gold, matt gold to bright reflective gold, plus a selection of metallic iridescent golds and metallic holographic golds.

So, if you want something a bit different, or you want to match a specific gold shade, we've probably got a gold foil to suit.
Please get on touch for more details on the choices of gold foils.

Satin gold and blue business cards

Gold foil business cards -  Light gold foil business cards printed on cool grey colorplan

Satin gold foil, silver foil and dark blue gloss foil, all carefully aligned to create a beautiful set of business cards. Printed on Cool Blue 540gsm Colorplan.
Gold embossed dark grey business cards

Gold foil business cards printed on 540gsm dark grey colorplan

Satin gold foil logo and gold foil contact details printed/stamped on 540gsm dark grey colorplan.

Gold foil on sirio ultra black business cards

Gold foil business cards printed using sirio ultra black 370gsm stock.

370gsm sirio ultra black business cards hot foil printed with dark satin gold.
Sirio Ultra Black is one of the darkest shades of black card available and prints beautifully with foils.

Gold foil on cairn business cards

Gold foil business cards using a mid-gold satin foil on graphite 1000 micron cairn.

Mid-gold foil on heavy-weight 1000 micron recycled graphite cairn board.
Cairn boards come in a range of colours, weights and finishes.

Gold foil is a very versatile colour and will work really well with large or small foil printed logos and can maintain good print quality, even on very small lettering and fine line weights.

What card colours work well with gold foil print?
Gold foil will actually work well with most business card colours and, because we usually stock at least 8 different shades of gold foil, we can easily swap the gold shade to create the best finish.

*There are approximately 30 different shades and types of gold foil available for your business cards.

Gold embossed sapphire business cards

Gold foil printed text and logo on sapphire colorplan business cards.

Dark satin gold foil printed on to 540gsm sapphire blue colorplan business cards.

Printed for Kali Forbes.

Gold foil embossed vellum information cards

Gold foil on sqaure cut vellum colorplan with black print.

350gsm vellum colorplan card printed with gold foil print and black digital print.

Luxury gold foil business cards

Gold foil logo and white text printed on a ebony business cards.

540gsm ebony/black business cards printed with bright metallic gold foil and white gloss foil.

Printed for 'AFTE'.

Bespoke gold foil embossed business cards

Gold foil business cards - Square bespoke business cards printed with a gold and white foil logo and blind debossing.

Gold foil, white foil and blind debossing on bespoke square cut ebony 540gsm colorplan business cards.

For enhanced gold foil print quality on small print (logos or text) brass CNC engraved print plates are used.

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  Business Stationery.
  Party Invitations.
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