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Foil printing colours

Foil printing types and colours: There are currently hundreds (if not thousands) of different types of foil available in various shades and finishes, so the chances are we can find a colour to suit your requirements.

The main foil types are; Metallic, Sheen, Satin, *Gloss and *Matt (*known as pigment foils).
There is also a large selection of iridescent, holographic and rainbow foils available. Below is a list of some of the current foil colours/types we stock (not a complete list).

Gold (and bronze) Foils - We currently stock a minimum of 9 different gold foil colours, but there are at least 25 shades and finishes of gold available.
These range from normal metallic gold (shiny) to light matt gold and dark antique gold and various shades in-between.

Silver Foils - We have 5 different silver foils available; Metallic silver, satin silver, iridescent silver and 2 types of metallic smoke silver - these are similar to a gunmetal colour.

Copper Foils - We stock at least 5 different copper foils, but there are at least 12 different shades and types available. These foils range from a deep burnt copper colour to a light satin copper.

Rose (gold and copper) Foils - The rose coloured foils have become extremely popular over the last couple of years, but are still quite limited in their shade variations. Only available in metallic finish.

Red Foils - There are 6 different types of red foil; 4 metallic reds, a sheen red and an iridescent red.
We have at least 2 different types of red foil in stock an any time.

Black Foils - When it comes to black foil there aren't many shades, but we do stock gloss black, metallic black and a matt/matte (satin) black foil.

White Foils - Again, there aren't many variations of white foil. We keep 2 different types of gloss white foil and a matt/matte white (matt foil is only really suitable for larger types of print and on lighter coloured stocks, as it's slightly transparent).

Green Foils - Although not a foil we used very often it is available in various shades and finishes.
We currently stock 4 different metallic green foils and 2 sheen green foils.

Grey Foils - The grey foil is becoming quite a popular colour, but still isn't available in a large choice of shades.
We currently have 3 gloss grey foils (light to dark), 1 light matt/matte grey and a metallic gunmetal grey.

Blue Foils - We currently have 6 different blue foils in stock, but there are at least 18 variations of blue foil available.
We currently have 3 metallic blue foils, 2 gloss foils and a blue sheen foil.

Clear Foils - The clear foils are great for using on uncoated stocks and will create a similar effect to spot gloss (UV) printing, but with the added effect of being able to emboss the finish of the print into the card.
We currently have 2 clear foils, 1 gloss and 1 matt/matte foil, but there are also special effect foils with cracked effect and iridescent (rainbow) finished foils.

This is just a small selection of the colours available for using with hot foil printing, but we have many more in stock and this is changing/increasing all the time. So if you are looking for a certain type of foil please contact us and we'll do our best to find something suitable.

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