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Welcome to Auroraprint - hot foil printing.

Here at Auroraprint we specialise in hot foil printing (also known as foil blocking or gold foil printing ), and the production of top quality business cards and stationery.

We try to work with recycled and FSC card and paper as much as possible, to maintain a minimal environmental impact. Luckily, most of these stock types now come in various finishes (textures), colours and thicknesses, meaning you still have plenty of choice when it comes to your stationery.

One of the great things about foil printing (compared to other print options), is that it can be applied to very thick and textured card, meaning you can really go wild with your stationery choice.

The foil printing process doesn't affect the ability to recycle card or paper. So, you can still be confident that your stationery is recyclable. 

Matt black business cards printed with a metallic gold foil.

High-End Foil Printed Business Cards

Gold hot foil printing has been used for many years as a way to enhance business cards, but combine it with a luxurious black card and it will really lift the look and finish quality. 


C6 forest colorplan envelope with bright gold foil printing

Luxury Gold Foil Printed Envelopes

Show off your branding with a high quality set of hot foil printed, debossed or embossed envelopes.
Available in various sizes and paper colour options, including recycled and FSC papers.


embossed slate grey colorplan business cards with gold foil print

Embossed Business Cards

Blind embossed business cards with bright metallic gold foil.
Printed on Slate Grey 540gsm Colorplan stock using Foilco 6629 gold foil.


Gravure embossed bitter colorplan gold foil printed business cards

Metallic Gold Hot Foil Printed Business Cards.

A beautiful set of gold hot foil printed business cards is guaranteed not just to get you and your business noticed, but also to convey the quality, care and attention you give to all aspects of your business. Gold foil print will work on any card colour and we have a great choice of gold shades and types to choose from.

540gsm sapphire colorplan business cards with silver foil.

Metallic Silver Hot Foil Printed Business Cards.

Don't underestimate the importance of having a high quality business card, and silver hot foil printing can offer your business exactly that.
We have a selection of silver foils to choose from, including: metallic silver, brushed silver, satin silver and iridescent (holographic) silver foils.

Dark grey and satin copper foil printed business cards.

Metallic Copper Hot Foil Printed Business Cards.

If you want something a little more eye-catching than the traditional gold or silver foil printing, why not try copper hot foil.
There are several variations of copper foil for you to choose from, but they are all guaranteed to increase the beauty and style of your business cards, which can only be a good thing.

Rose gold foil printed black business cards

Metallic Rose Gold Hot Foil Printed Business Cards.

Rose gold foil has often been associated with wedding stationery, but these day it's become an extremely popular colour for all aspects of foil printing, particularly business cards. It offers the same eye-catching effect as gold foil or copper foil, but it sends out a message of refinement and style.

white foil printing on black business cards

White Hot Foil Printed Business Cards.

If you need black and white business cards there aren't many print options that can top white hot foil printing.

black foil on cool grey colorplan business cards

Black Hot Foil Printed Business Cards.

Black hot foil printing is an excellent way of bringing shine and depth to your foil printed business cards.

duplexed colorplan with iridescent silver foil print.

Iridescent (holographic) Hot Foil Printed Business Cards.

Take a silver foil and add a holographic rainbow effect and you have iridescent silver foil.

Black C6 envelope with gold foil printing.

Hot Foil Printed Envelopes.

Adding hot foil print to your high quality envelopes will really make them stand out from the rest.

gold foil printed wedding invitations on cream card

Hot Foil Printed Wedding Stationery.

Hot foil printed wedding stationery is the perfect way to say you do.

black card swing tag with white foil print.

Hot Foil Printed Swing Tags.

Bespoke swing tags printed with hot foil will really make your product stand out from the rest.

As well as a wide range of card and paper types to pick from, we also offer a great choice of foil colours, finishes and printing styles:

Metallic Gold - Business cards and stationery can be printed in a choice of 8+ different gold foils, ranging from light to dark and shiny to matt.

Metallic Silver - Available in 5 variations, including satin and iridescent (rainbow) silver.

Metallic Copper
 - Available in 5 shades, including bright, burnt and satin variations. 

Black foil 
 - Gloss foil, matt/matte foil (subject to compatibility) and satin foil.

White foil
 - Gloss foil - gloss white foil will give excellent results, even on the darkest card.

Clear foil print
 - Gloss foil and matt/matte foil (creates a debossed finish, but with a silmilar look to spot gloss).

- Where the image or text is pressed into the card using an engraved copy of your design. 

Blind Debossing
 - printing without foil, so you just get a deep impression of your design/print.

 - where the design is pushed through from behind, using a force and counterforce, to raise your design.

Digital Printing
 - full colour digital printing available.

Standard and bespoke sized luxury business cards:

Your business cards can be produced in a number of different sizes to suit your personal requirements and we don't charge a premium for using a bespoke size (unless the size is larger than those mentioned below).

Standard business card sizes:

UK size business cards: 85mm x 55mm.
US size business cards: 3.5" x 2".
Australian size business cards: 90mm x 50mm.

Bespoke business card sizes:

Square business cards: 50mm x 50mm or 60mm x 60mm.
Other sizes: 85mm x 50mm, 90mm x 40mm, 90mm x 50mm.

Other bespoke sizes can be produced on request.

For more information about bespoke sized, high-end, extra thick and luxury business cards, please get in touch.


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